[thelist] Popups too

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Tue Dec 16 01:45:40 CST 2003

On 16 Dec 2003 at 15:53, Ken Schaefer wrote:

Ok, one more question...

what about services? can i disable netbios through disabling

eg: windows messanger, netbios name helper, etc.

why does microsoft put options in the network dialog, when the
options do not work?

> That is not a solution either. Please - turn on the Windows XP
> Internet Connection Firewall if you have only this single machine.
> The messenger service also listens on a dynamic high order port. The
> RPC port mapper service (port 135) can be queried to get the requisite
> information, and a connection made directly to the Messenger service.
> Personally, you will be a lot safer if you turn on the ICF, because
> it'll cut of all inbound access to ports that are open on your machine
> (as well as stopping the messenger spam).

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