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Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Tue Dec 16 02:36:24 CST 2003

Message from Paul Bennett (12/16/2003 11:12 AM)
>Paul Cowan wrote:
>>Umm... I'm not sure how you're interpreting that, but that's not what
>>Hixie's saying. XHTML _is_ XML, pure and simple: what Hixie argues
>>against is the sending of XHTML with the text/html MIME type.
>My bad - I misinterpreted this statement:
>"* If you ever switch your documents that claim to be XHTML from text/html 
>to application/xhtml+xml, then you will in all likelyhood end up with a 
>considerable number of XML errors, meaning your content won't be readable 
>by users. (See above: most of these documents do not validate.)"
>to mean the xhtml will not validate as xml, but really Ian Hixie is 
>stating that (he has found) the majority of documents claiming to be xhtml 
>do not validate and so in futture will not render as application/xhtml+xml 
>by xml parsers.

Yes, this is a function of humans (or software created by humans) not 
writing valid xhtml to start with, it has less than nothing to do with the 
language itself.

I tend to agree with Tim on this guy's ramblings.

Tim you mentioned ThML. Remember one of the great things about XML and XML 
based languages is they can be easily modified to suit your specific needs.


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