[thelist] HTML Layout

David Dorward evolt at david.us-lot.org
Tue Dec 16 04:08:09 CST 2003

On 16 Dec 2003, at 10:01, John C Bullas (soton.ac.uk relay) wrote:

Leaving aside the obvious (abusing tables for layout is bad! bad! bad!)

> <table width="100%" border="0" height="100%">
>   <tr>
>     <td height="20px">Top row</td>

NOWHERE in HTML does any attribute take a number and a unit which isn't 
a percentage. Either its an integer (which is pixels) or its a 
percentage (with has a % sigh). In CSS units are required for all 
non-zero lengths, in HTML they are forbidden for pixel lengths and 
required for percentage lengths.

David Dorward

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