SV: [thelist] HTML Layout

David Dorward evolt at
Tue Dec 16 04:15:45 CST 2003

On 16 Dec 2003, at 10:07, Marcus Andersson wrote:
> Perhaps I wasn't all that clear. I want the second row to get a
> scrollbar if the content overflows apart from being the rest of the
> browser screen.

Well... it should be easy - but we have to live in the same work as MS 
Internet Explorer.

So, you have a couple of options.

(1) Simple, but needing JavaScript

body { margin-top: 20px; padding-top: 0; }
#header { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; }


(2) More complicated

(Of course you could point out that having the header on screen all the 
time is probably a bad idea anyway - users can see it when they first 
get to the site, they can scroll back to it really quickly, and it eats 
the a segment of their screen space meaning they have to scroll more)

David Dorward

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