[thelist] n00b XML Question

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Dec 16 07:05:44 CST 2003

Hi Gang,

Another evolter beginning to fiddle about with XML ... (I spent most 
of yesterday parsing through 27,000+ XML data files.)

Anyway ... easy question ... 
How is a null represented in an XML data stream?

Is it "<ZZZ></ZZZ>"? (No value between the tags - but the tags 
are in the stream.)

Or is it ""? (No evidence of a 'ZZZ' element at all.)

Or are they equivalent?

<tip type="XML Viewer" author="RonL.">

The version I've been using isn't particularly stable if you open 
more than two data files at once, but if you only look at one or 
two at a time then 'Peter's XML Editor' (freeware I think) and 
available from tucows seems reasonably decent.



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