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Marcus Andersson marcan at
Tue Dec 16 07:56:11 CST 2003

Okay. In that case: There are no nulls, just empty elements that look
either like <element></element> or <element/> (those two are equivalent
from XML perspective)


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> Marcus Andersson asked:
> >>What are you using to parse the files? Is it something SAX-based or 
> >>DOM-based or something completely different?
> Hi Marcus,
> <RonL. turns a bit red in the face />
> Uhhhh, actually, I'm doing a fairly simple analysis Marcus ... I'm 
> just pulling the values of four elements out of each file (2 for 
> reference and 2 to check the correlation between those values) ... 
> I'm not attempting to parse or display the whole data set from each 
> file. It's kind of a 'one off' quick and dirty analysis off some 
> sample data.
> Sooooooo ... I wrote a very simple perl script that treats each file 
> as text [Yep - pretty much completely ignoring the benefits provided 
> by the 'structure' of the XML. However, (since I'm dealing with 10s 
> of 1000s of files), you can pretty much guess that they are 
> 'auto-generated' off a big iron box ... so it's not too terribly 
> unreasonable to assume the format is predictable enough to treat 
> as text.] and loops through all the files in the directory. Nothing 
> fancy, extensible, modular, or reusable. Nope. It's a throwaway.
> It worked. I have my data. I was just wondering what nulls were 
> supposed to look like. In my data they appeared to be missing 
> elements, 
> as opposed to physical elements with missing values.
> RonL.
> (Who _wanted_ to use the 'proper' tools (Win2k box) ... but all the 
> tools I found tended to say things like 'download any 73.6 of the 
> following 429 elements, fraginate them in your compiler, and use them 
> to retile the floors in your kernel.' ... which is not anything *I'm* 
> likely to be doing in the near future.)
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