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Mambo open source comes in retail and open source. 
PHP / Blogger / CMS the blogger part has more to be desired but is under



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Hi all,

  I'm looking for reccomendations for an Open Source Content Management 
System with a blogging module built in.  This software should ideally be
PHP based with an XML and MySQL (or just XML) back end.  Output code 
should be valid, based on current standards and tableless.

Here are some packages I'm looking into and my impressions of them:

Bitflux 	http://bitflux.ch/developer/cms/
- PHP, XML and MySQL CMS.  Full publishing framework (no blog), looks
very robust. Nice wysiwyg for non-techies.

Nucleus	http://www.nucleuscms.org
- PHP and MySQL CMS / Blog.  Clean, simple, portal oriented.  Nice 
plugin building system.

Drupal	http://drupal.org
- PHP, Postgre (or any Pear supported DB) CMS / Portal / blog.  Pretty
comprehensive.  Huge community extending it.

EZ publish	http://ez.no/
- PHP, MySQL CMS / Application Framework.  Open Source, but charges for
professional use (not that that is bad).  Looks really nice as well.

If anyone has any experience with any of these or other similar systems
I'd really appreciate some feedback.  Personal experience would be great
but hearsay is welcome as well.

Stephen Caudill
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