[thelist] DOM Javascript - childNodes

Mark Howells mark at mark.ac
Wed Dec 17 10:21:12 CST 2003

Hi all

I'm coding a function to join several HTML forms together on a page and 
submit them as one, using DOM Javascript.  I parse through the 
childNodes of the main forms, then copy the lot into a new form and 
submit it.

I am new to DOM JS code and stuck at the point where I want to delete 
all the dynamic form elements.  I see that I can ditch the whole form 
and all children using obj.removeChild(true), but only want to ditch 
the children, not the form itself.  Do I have to loop through the child 
elements and delete them one by one, or am I missing something? What's 
the most efficient solution?

Thanks and regards
Mark Howells

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