[thelist] PHP / XML Blogger / CMS

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Thu Dec 18 07:31:11 CST 2003

--------------- Dan Romanchik wrote: --------------- 
: I have developed several sites using Drupal and like it a lot.
: One of the sites I'm using it on is www.w8pgw.org, the website of
: our local ham radio club. You can take a look at my blog at
: http://www.w8pgw.org/?q=blog/1 . One nice feature of the blogging
: module is that it lets anyone who's a registered user set up a
: blog. 
: Another nice feature is that it's relatively easy to build your
: own "blocks" and add them to pages. It's also easy to add RSS
: feeds to your website, too. I've done both on w8pgw.org.
: I kinda wish the publishing features were a little more
: sophisticated, but I'm not really sure what I mean by that. With
: that in mind, I'm going to have a look at Bitflux.
: Dan
: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
: Dan Romanchik - Web Developer
: dan at danromanchik.com, 734-930-6564

  How is Drupal's code?  I'm interested to see how it looks on the 
backend as well as it's output code.  I'm still haggling with my
host over getting some PHP extensions and MySQL installed on the 
box (yeah! Windows Hosting!!).  If you get a chance to look over
BitFlux, I'd be interested to see what you think.  
  Hopefully, I'll be set up to start testing this weekend and I'll 
make sure to share my findings with the group. 

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