[thelist] question about ad sales

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Dec 18 11:26:45 CST 2003

You don't need him.

Get phpadsnew.com
Install it
Put up an "advertise here" link under where you place a couple filler
Make a page from said link with your rates...  Monthly is usually a god
way to start, and not worry about cpc and cpm stuff...

Make your own money for your hosting costs and time- not for him.

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Hi all,

I have created a site for maintaining sports leagues that has become
more popular than I ever expected.  My site stats for November were:

Unique Visitors: 12,786
Number of Visits: 86,917
Pages: 832,891
Hits: 4,156,281
Bandwidth: 31.15GB

Anyway, I've been approached by someone whom I don't know that is
offering to sell ad space, where he takes 50% commission.  I don't have
a clue about what is a reasonable percentage, or even what is a
reasonable selling price. I would like to sell banner ads, but you can
you guys give me any tips at all about how to start doing this?

Glenn Carr

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