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Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Thu Dec 18 19:00:25 CST 2003


Since i signed up only around September i didn't know that payout rates 
were even better earlier.  It's true a lot of non profit ads are being 
displayed most of the time on my site too. However three other companies 
i used in the past showed non profit ads ALL the time :-((

I think it's time i acted on your suggestion in the other message about 
using my own adserver. The good news is that this can be combined with 

best regards

Brian Cummiskey wrote:

>>>supposedly the best banner ad delivery company around nowadays is 
>>>google. learn more at http://www.google.com/adsense/
>While I agree for the most part, the payout has dropped DRAMATICALLY
>each month since I've signed up
>The past few months for me look like this:
>July 18, 2003  Payment sent  (751.24) 
>August 20, 2003  Payment sent  (556.95)  
>September 24, 2003  Payment sent  (421.91)  
>October 27, 2003  Payment sent  (470.79)  
>December 9, 2003  Payment sent  (395.24)  
>December 17, 2003  Payment sent  (362.13) 
>My site's traffic has been steady, as have my click-through rates at
>right around 1%.  The problem is that it got way too big way too fast...
>And now, I get served a bunch of filler ads all the time...  Ebay
>partners and so on.  Each adsense'ee has the option of choosing their
>budget, say $50 a day.  Once that's reached, you will get no more ads
>from them.  When their ad is shown on 213123 sites instead of 123, their
>budget is out in 3 hours for example... And the rest of the day, your
>site is serving ad council Org ads that don't pay.
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