[thelist] OT: Recommendation for Mac Anti-Spam Desktop Software

mike karthauser mikek at brightstorm.co.uk
Fri Dec 19 12:09:44 CST 2003

> My client is inundated with spam (hundreds a day). She doesn't want to
> use a 3rd party filtering service or go the procmail server side
> route. Instead we're looking at desktop solutions. She uses Mac 0S 9.x
> and Outlook Express 5.
> I've googled and found a bunch of mac software, but being a windows
> minion, I'm not familiar with any of them. Can anyone recommend decent
> anti-spam software for the mac platform?

Upgrade to OSX and use Mail which comes with osx and has built in spam

Or look on version tracker.


You can also set up rules in OLE to move message to junk mail folder if
email address is not in address book, but you risk missing emails from new

BTW I use entourage on os9 which comes with junk filtering.
Good luck
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