[thelist] Cheating Google?

Rodrigo Fonseca lists at vega.eti.br
Sat Dec 20 09:21:09 CST 2003

Hi, folks.
Some people think they can cheat Google to get better positioning
by sending spam with links like those:

They say that doing so will cause Google to index the website
faster and that it will have top ranking.

In fact if you do that with *any* URI Google will redirect to the
site in question (if you include the protocol http).

My problem is that a client with a huge website (about 1200 pages)
wants to do that will *all* the links "to get top ranking easily".

I've told him that all his pages will considerably slow down by
doing this but that argument was not sufficient to change his mind.
Does Google punish websites that do that? Any ideas on how to
convince my client he's wrong (or is he really right?)?



	Rodrigo Fonseca.

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