[thelist] Cheating Google?

Rodrigo Fonseca lists at vega.eti.br
Sat Dec 20 11:53:03 CST 2003

Mark Groen wrote:
> right from Google themselves, saying they take this stuff seriously and
> there isn't any reason to doubt them.

Thanks a lot Mark! That's what I needed!

Thank you again!

	Rodrigo Fonseca.

BTW: I was about to hit send and something occurred to me... Google must
be very carefull about this, I'll tell you why:
Think about a competitor or someone that doesn't like you or your
company. Imagine they setup 3, 4 or 5, whatever number of sites in
free hosting companies linking to your site like that?
I'm not gonna tell how, but this could be accomplished in less than
five minutes... Sick...

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