[thelist] RE: Cheating Google?

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Mon Dec 22 01:14:12 CST 2003

I've read that on the contrary. It's important TOO what your page links
for example if your apge is about webcams, your ranking will improve if
you have a link, nammed WEBCAMS that points to a well ranked site about
You understand ?
It's important what is the text of the link and how well the site
poitned to is already ranked in google.

Well, that's what I read while browsing SEO sites, but like all things
SEO, it's rumors and guesses.

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I don't 
think they care much who you link to in your ranking, only who links to 
you, and if the link that points to you accurately describes your 
content, or if the link that points to you comes from a reputable or 
well-ranked site.

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