[thelist] $150-ish digital camera recommendation

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Mon Dec 22 09:32:34 CST 2003


Have you taken a look at dpreview.com? Excellent digital camera resource 
and the forums are really useful too for finetuning your selections.

Megapixels is really not that big a deal, it's just the easiest way to 
create marketing hype around the camera. The other important considerations 
are lens quality - optical is better than digital zoom; storage medium - 
different types cost more per MB; battery type - proprietary or standard 

That said, in the price range you're talking there aren't that many 
options. The only other one I came across that looked like it might be 
eligible was the Canon Powershot A60, though the Fuji you mentioned would 
probably be a better buy.

Good luck.

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