[thelist] OT: Recommendation for Mac Anti-Spam Desktop Software

Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Mon Dec 22 09:57:14 CST 2003

I also use Entourage, and it works great.  I have gone to extreme levels of
Anti-SPAM control though.  I only accept mail from senders in my address
book.  I set up a rule to send all other email into a SPAM subfolder that I
created.  I glance through the SPAM folder and then trash what is not
needed.  If you take this route you MUST know the address of everyone who
will be sending you legitimate email.

On 12/20/03 8:36 AM, "matthew" <thelist at imagerealm.com> wrote:

> I'm no fan of Microsoft, but I haven't seen a better piece of email software
> in my life. Go figure. Maybe I'll look at Mozilla Thunderbird, just to make
> sure I'm not missing something...
> Matt

Jono Young

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