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Mon Dec 22 22:07:40 CST 2003

Good question/observation. It's very important to remember that linking
is only part of the algorithm, though. The short answer is yes, it would
help your ranking. How much, of course, would depend on a variety of
factors. I think anyone that tries to gain ranking JUST by linking out,
or having inbound links is not going to get very far.

And, never forget that having solid, optimized text will be a big part
of the equation. Even Google, famous for their examination of links in
determining ranking put great importance on the text of the site.

To more directly address your example, if a site just linked to a couple
of 'similar' sites, it probably wouldn't have much of an impact. But if
your site linked a good few sites and the links were optimized your site
AND the target site would get better ranking. The theory being that your
site is a 'valid' resource in the vertical in question BECAUSE it lists
all these other resources. The traget site, in turn, would get some lift
because a well ranked site linked to it.

Good for you on questioning this stuff because I can't stress enough
that it's never one little thing that derives good ranking but a healthy
mixture of a lot of different factors.


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> That seems counterintuitive to me. So if "my" company does 
> ERP software 
> and I have links to my competitors, like to PeopleSoft and SAP and 
> whoever else, who are all much more successful than I am, that I can 
> rank up there with them just by linking to them?
> I am not claiming to know, just commenting that to my pea-brain that 
> doesn't make much sense.
> D
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> > I've read that on the contrary. It's important TOO what your page 
> > links to. for example if your apge is about webcams, your 
> ranking will 
> > improve if you have a link, nammed WEBCAMS that points to a well 
> > ranked site about webcams.
> > You understand ?
> > It's important what is the text of the link and how well the site
> > poitned to is already ranked in google.
> >
> > Well, that's what I read while browsing SEO sites, but like 
> all things 
> > SEO, it's rumors and guesses.
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