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It looks like the initial gut of the thread has been lost... I'm reposting
the following/initial thread which has posed the initial question I'm trying
to answer... If you note, we're not discussing traditional "link farms"...

And again, I stress, that this is probably a question answered by someone
who has serious understanding/knowledge of SEs and how they really work.....



Pretty sure this has been asked/answered/discussed before.. but I'll give it
a shot. 

Google (and other SEs) uses algorithms to determine the ranking of the page
within a listed index of sites for a given search query. To some extent the
algorithms make use of the number of sites/links that point to you, as well
as the number of sites that you link to.

The algorithms also appear to try to incorporate quality of the various
sites being linked to. There are obviously other parameters to the
algorithms/approaches used by the SEs....

My question... If you assume that the number/quality of sites that link to
you is important.. If I created 1000 sites/pages that had content and then
linked them back to my site, would it affect my ratings once Google got into
crawling through the various sites????

I'm looking for a really good SEO resource who can answer this question....


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> What about these reciprocal link trading schemes? Is Google smart
enough (already assume they are...) to
figure out what people are doing?

Yup. Google's indexing is intelligent enough to validate the quality of
linkage. If your link is one of 200 on my link-for-all page, it will
count for practically zilch with Google.
Jill Whalen ( http://www.highrankings.com/) is *very* knowledgeable
about SEO stuff, and publishes a free newsletter. If you want to
understand the state of SEO today, you can't do much better than to read
Jill's entire site, front to back (and then start over again, 'cause the
state of the state will have changed by then.)
As others have already said, it comes down to this: create meaningful
content in a well-designed site, and you'll have the best *long-term*
search engine results. (Of course, that's like telling folks that, if
you cut back on calories and exercise more, you'll lose weight -

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