[thelist] OT: Recommendation for Mac Anti-Spam Desktop Software

Sarah Sweeney poohbear at designshift.com
Tue Dec 23 07:51:26 CST 2003

> <tip type="Stopping spam:YMMV" author="Chris Nicholls"...
> It requires you have to have an email account with unlimited aliases,
> e.g. your "root" email account is <yourname at foo.com>, but you can also
> use any address like
> - chris at yourname.foo.com
> - ChrissyWissy at yourname.foo.com
> etc.
> <snip>
> In addition, I now give any new website or organisation that needs an 
> email address its own, new, alias e.g. evolt at axe.dircon.co.uk
> I maintain this list in my Palm Pilot, so it's no big hassle to remember.
> This means that
> 1. You can easily create rules for this address based on the 'to' 
> address used
> 2. Block this address if it starts receiving spam
> 3. Know whom to hold accountable if the address becomes spam-tainted
 > <snip>

<tip type="stopping spam" author="Sarah Sweeney">
If you don't have aliases available through your email account, you 
should try www.spamgourmet.com. It allows you to create unlimited 
"disposable" email accounts which you can use for signing up to 
websites, or whatever. I find it *very* useful, as it also allows you to 
figure out where spammers have gotten hold of your email address. (So 
far, most of mine has been to addresses harvested from Google Groups.)

* This has been mentioned in the list a few times before, in fact that's 
where I heard about it - I figure it is worth repeating :)

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