[thelist] JavaScript to jump to the top of a page

Sarah Sweeney poohbear at designshift.com
Tue Dec 23 09:38:44 CST 2003

> Hi Sarah, you already got a good answer, but here's another :
> what I do is simply disable (looks greyish and can't be clicked) the
> submit/save button once it's been clicked, and also change the text of
> the button to something like : Please wait.


Thanks, that's also a good suggestion. I might have done something 
simple like this, but the original intent when adding this 
"functionality" was to hide the content of a window when a popup window 
opened, cause users kept opening the popup twice and adding files twice. 
So I just extended this to also hiding the window when saving a form. 
I'm not worried about non-JS users for this app, because it (the back 
end of the site, anyways) has a requirement of a recent browser (Mozilla 
or IE6) and JavaScript. This means I've been able to add lots of really 
neat (and often helpful) functionality to the back end, but also add 
silly stuff like hiding the page when the user clicks Save :)


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