[thelist] Cable Modem

Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Tue Dec 23 16:06:39 CST 2003

I have used Comcast for High Speed Internet for over 4 years, and I still
have the same modem they gave me from the start.  It is a Surfboard Cable
Modem, which I thin is also made by Motorola?  I saw it online the other day
just by accident.  You could Google "Surfboard + Cable Modem" and most
likely find it, and then do some price searching.  I never have any problems
with connectivity...not once, aside from their maintenance shutdowns every
now and then.  I do not know what their policy is about buying your own
modem, I know that I have to pay $5/month to rent the modem I have.  Comcast
may not allow you to buy your own modem.  If they do I would like to know.
Where are you located.  I have jumped around the Baltimore area for the past
4 years and never had a problem.

Also, look for a reset button on the back of the modem.  Sometime there is a
hole where you insert a paper clip to reset the modem.  That might do the
trick?  How is your modem hooked up, is it a direct line, or is it split to
you TV as well?  Do you line in an apartment where other people might be
drawing from your connection?  Comcast usually has good customer
service...aside from scheduling, have you called them yet?

On 12/23/03 4:42 PM, "Sam Carter" <scforum at iness.com> wrote:

> I need to power down my Motorola cable modem a few times a day to keep
> connectivity up and running with Comcast (seems Comcast is flakey around
> here).
> It seems to me that there ought to be a cable modem on the market that
> recovers automatically when service is momentarily lost.
> I'd like to buy a new modem if it would perform better.  Can anyone
> recommend a modem or provide a URL to a product review that compares modems?
> Sam

Jono Young

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