[thelist] Re: Site check request

leemark leemark at isu.edu
Tue Dec 23 18:48:07 CST 2003


Thanks for the site check!

>Just my personal preferences, I would think there would be more consistency with your
>top heading and left side navigation buttons on the pages for "Media Center"
>(http://www.isu.edu/media/) and ISU Home (http://www.isu.edu/). 
I should have noted this in the original request, but this is a 
departmental website for a university (one of ~180 or so)  and the two 
links above are to other websites at the university, so making them 
consistent in style is unfortunately not really an option. It would be 
nice if we could have a more consistent look and feel across all of 
ISU's websites though, and may happen eventually if I have any say in 
the matter ;-)

>I would have the links on Handouts page open in a new window, especially
>links to PDF files. I have a bad habit of clicking on the 'X' in the top right of the
>browser window instead of hitting the browser's back button.
That's a good point re: the pdf files opening in the same window. I also 
tend to sometimes hit 'close' instead of 'back' with pdf files.

On our old website, we had a ton of links that opened in new windows -- 
basically all pdf files, all external links, and other links (seemingly 
chosen at random).  When we began this redesign, I put my foot down and 
said 'no new windows at all!', but in retrospect this may have been 
going too far.  We've made a few exceptions already when it made sense 
(like the calendar) and I think that we may make another for all of the 
links to pdf files.

Thanks again,


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