[thelist] http://www.quik.com/ Customer feedback

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Wed Dec 24 13:18:09 CST 2003


Anyone used these people for "stuff"? your experience(s) most appreciated
(DSL and hosting primarily)



Think I might be supposed to provide "a tip" here... so here goes ( be gentle
I am a geologist after all).......

Where there is no direct link between your index page and your sub pages via
a simple menu structure ONLY via deep links on subpages, a hidden
links page to connect your index.html (or whatever) to a page of links 
leading to all
the pages you want to be spidered might help them to be spidered? <feedback
here please>

Apologies if this is not as crisp as you "pros" deliver ;)

Merry Christmas!

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