[thelist] PHP Hidden field question

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if i understand your question....

hidden fields are fields that are usually part of a data form. The nature of
a "hidden" item is that the item is not available for view when the form is
When the user submits the form, the app "transmits" the information as part
of the  querystring.

try simple experiments where you define a simple form... create a simple app
that basically calls itself and displays the information within the form...
change the "type" attribute from "text" to "hidden" to see how it works...

or you can look up "use hidden fields" on google...

the "somename" is the value applied to the "id" variable...


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Hi all,

I am certain that this is a simple queston for many but I have checked books
and on-line. What good is the "id=somename" part of the hidden field in PHP?



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