[thelist] PHP Hidden field question

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
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the "id" variable is just a declared var for the app/page you were looking
at. it's not really a php "defined" var.

to learn php... you can start by reviewing php scripts.. you could get a
book... or you could go to www.php.net. this is the php site. it has
samples/code etc.. .and will provide a serious insight into getting

like anything else... you jump in.. and start to swim!!

good luck


ps. by the way.. a number of publishers provide sample code for their books
online. you simply have to search using google or some other search

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Hi all,

bruce wrote

>the "somename" is the value applied to the "id" variable...

Thanks, I did not know there was an "id" variable.

I guess I have a lot to learn about PHP. Can anyone suggest a really good
book. I am a programmer of 20 years so the tech. stuff does not bother me.



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