[thelist] A JavaScript query

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 12:37:55 CST 2003

Thanks Joshua

> Your code is suffering from what we lovingly refer to as "classitis".
> This means that there is an over abundance of class assignments to
> elements on the page.

Ah, yes, I got the impression that was a good thing from the first page of
a Meyer book. Obviously incorrectly :-)

Did your work actually solve the problem (which is, that here
<http://www.johnallsopp.co.uk/test/test1/index2.html>, in Mozilla the
second line of the menu (which appears upon rollover of the first line)
appears correctly in green, but in IE6/W98, it appears in the default red
which is wrong)?

If you removed the rollover parts, that's where my problem is, so I guess
not. I've worked for a couple of hours on tidyup stuff as you suggest but
I've not solved the problem.

I have this feeling that in IE the class isn't being set properly, is
there a way I can check that? I've tried the simplification things you
mentioned and haven't managed to solve it yet, but I'll work through the
two links you gave me and see how I get on.

Thanks for your help, I was really just confirming that the problem aint
solved yet :-)


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