[thelist] onSubmit ignored!

Zhang, Lingling lingz at cs.umd.edu
Sun Dec 28 15:36:48 CST 2003

Ok, here's the code:
<FORM name="entry" METHOD="POST" ACTION="dbentry2.asp"
	onSubmit=''return needToValidForm1(this,<%=Session("ctype") %> );" >

Aha! I found the 'bug'! It was two 's instead of a ". I'm so glad that you asked
me to post my code here, and I'm glad that I'm using Courier New font in my
outlook so I can see the difference between two 's and a ", while the other
fonts I used for my codes showed no difference!


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On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 04:00, Zhang, Lingling wrote:
> My validation function called in onSubmit is ignored, and I have no clue why
> that happens. Could anyone here help?

Well _clearly_ its a case of ...





Nope, its no good. My crystal ball can't lock on.

You'll have to show us your code and tell us your testing environment

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