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Scott wolpow scott at netalytical.com
Mon Jan 26 00:09:36 CST 2004

I would love to discuss some ideas to you. I sent an email but it was 
returned, I sent a second on to petersmall.com but do not know if you got it.
Scott Wolpow
scott at publiccto.com

At 08:06 AM 1/23/04, you wrote:
>Here's techie thing that may be of interest to a few.
>In looking to see how I could design my site in a such a way that it would 
>appear high up in search engine rankings, I discovered a whole new world 
>and a confusing mass of information.
>Using Google, I typed in a few phrases and got the following results:
>"Search engine optimization"  1,290,000 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization services"  41,850 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization tips"  6,150 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization links" 4,320 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization resources"  3,650 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization information" 2,460 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization expert" 2,220 sources listed
>"Search engine optimization advice" 1,300 sources listed
>As I worked through several hundred of these listing, it became clear that 
>nowhere was there a fully comprehensive resource. Taken together, it was a 
>confusing morass of subjective opinion and conflicting information that 
>could take weeks to sort out the wheat from the chaff.
>As my work involves using genetic algorithms to deal with multiple 
>variables, I thought I'd put it to work to devise a system that could sort 
>through all this information to produce an optimally efficient list of 
>links that would cover all the various aspects of search engine optimization.
>Using artificially intelligence methods is useless here. The values are 
>subjective and the search engines keep changing their algorithms to foil 
>the tricksters. The only solution was to use a strategy that could take 
>into consideration human judgement. It had to be a collaborative effort, 
>which could be guided by a genetic algorithm.
>If anyone is interested in taking part, I've now set up such a system up 
>to create an optimum resource for search engine optimization. It'll 
>involve some effort, but you'll get to learn a lot about the various 
>strategies and techniques that are used in this important area of Web site 
>A demo can be seen at:
>Perhaps of further interest. This same system can be adapted to produce 
>optimal information resources in any subject area.
>Peter Small
>Author of: Lingo Sorcery, Magical A-Life Avatars, The Entrepreneurial Web, 
>The Ultimate Game of Strategy and Web Presence
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