[thelist] Site review please

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Mon Jan 26 09:15:36 CST 2004

Amy Johnson wrote:

>I'd appreciate it if some of you can look at the following web site from
>your various platforms.
I'm on IE6 with Win XP Pro.  It looks very nice.  I did notice a slight 
delay with the mouseover on the menu. A few things:

1) In your subpages, I'd put the "Home" link at the top of the side 
menu, to reinforce the idea that it's the "first" page.
2) It looks like you're loading your mouseover images at the top of the 
page and not after the rest of the page loads.  This can delay the rest 
of the page rendering, I believe.  I'd add an onload function and do 
your image preloading after the home page displays.
3) For forward compatibility, I'd suggest making all of your HTML 
attributes (onMouseOut, onMouseOver) into all lowercase (onmouseout, 
onmouseover, etc.) and make sure you put quotes around all of the 
attribute values (instead of cellpadding=0, do cellpadding="0") -- 
sometimes you do it, and sometimes you don't.
4)  Your bottom navigation links (very good at including those, by the 
way) look like one large link, because the underline never stops.  I'd 
say don't include the pipes ( | ) in your links to break the links up a 
little.  (for example, instead of:  <a class="menu" 
href="index.html"><font face="Verdana,Arial" size=1>Home | </a> use 
this:  <a class="menu" href="index.html"><font face="Verdana,Arial" 
size=1>Home</a> |
5)  I'm not entirely certain I like the fact that the home page has a 
different layout from the sub pages, but that's more personal preference 
I think, since the look and feel is the same.

Other than those, I like the overall look and feel.


Scott Brady

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