[thelist] Is a website a product or an entity? (was My 12 year old son can do websites)

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Mon Jan 26 11:23:25 CST 2004

chris wrote:

> What's been interesting to me in the 12-year-old discussion is a more 
> basic
> question whether a website is a product or an entity?  A guy who 
> doesn't see
> the difference between a website built by his 12 year old son or by a
> professional probably also thinks of a website as a product - a thing 
> you
> buy off the shelf and consume ... Not necessarily as an entity that 
> supports
> his business. Maybe that's what he wants, but I doubt it because he's
> already called a professional.

If you're selling a pre built, off the shelf website it's a product. 
Otherwise you are selling a service.

Andy Budd


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