[thelist] Google

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Mon Jan 26 11:39:31 CST 2004

> on 26/01/2004 16:27, Raditha Dissanayake wrote :
> > I am in the same band wagon as Sam , Russ and Trisha. But i 
> agree 100%
> > with tony. No one should put all their eggs in one basket. 
> And google 
> > has brought all of us too much business for us to say 
> anything bad of 
> > them. That would be biting the hand that feeds us.

I should note that I merely noticed the differences between Saturday
night and Sunday morning when I did a couple of searches.  My site in
question is really more or less leisure-based and the content is driven
by the submissions of folks to the site.  It's rather topical, so when
people could no longer search on <company name> and <keyword> and the
site wouldn't show up at the top, I just noticed it.

All I really did was make good use of content, titles, headers and go
from there.  Not much more to it than that from my end.  I didn't see
the need to over-optimize since there's constantly fresh content
(content is king) and I don't really make any money off of it/have any
gains from being at the top of the lists....just an observation.


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