[thelist] Re: [css-d] border=1 Mozilla override?

Mike Combs mike at combsnet.com
Mon Jan 26 12:35:48 CST 2004

I just wanted to summarize the results...

I originally asked:

Q1) Do you need border="1" in HTML for tables so that old browsers (without 
CSS) will show a border?

The answer, from Philippe Wittenbergh, was:
 >NN4 (which is what I mostly worry about) doesn't have a border by default.
 >So it is not a bad idea to add border="1".
(Though it's not XHTML compliant.)

Q2) If you use the border attribute in HTML, how do you override it from 
CSS in a way that works for Mozilla? Using border:none in the CSS doesn't work.

The answer, from Philippe Wittenbergh, was:
 >	table {border-collapse:collapse; border-spacing:0; border: none;}
 >	table td, table th {border:none;border-style: hidden; }
 >(not sure what IE win does with border-style:hidden)

Be careful of the order. Border:none overrides the border-style:hidden. 
Border:none is all you need in Opera and IE (Windows, at least). 
Border-style:hidden was the key for Mozilla (again, Windows).

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