[thelist] Local apache

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at jeroencoumans.nl
Tue Jan 27 05:31:24 CST 2004

I have several websites which I maintain. To simplify updates to the
navigation, I've made all links absolute (eg. /about/ instead of
../../about/). To test locally, I've installed Apache. However, I'm
having troubles figuring out how to configure it so that it works
locally. For example, I have /var/www/website1.com and

Is it possible to configure Apache so that it translates absolute links
to the respective document root? I've tried aliasing, but that only
works for one website. I've also read about virtual hosts but that seems
to require a DNS server, and I'm a bit reluctant to complicate my setup
unless it's absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance,

Jeroen Coumans

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