[thelist] onclick in table row

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Tue Jan 27 09:06:53 CST 2004

>oh OK. You're doing as Tom, pretending to be copying and pasting code
>when it's untrue.. bad..

yeah, but the source has much more rubbish in it than is necessary to 
understand the problem. so, (badly) edited for purposes of simplicity.

>My question is : why do you need the onclick on the TR then ? If all you
>want is the highlight effect..

if i click on the table row, the page reloads with additional 
information/options for that particular record. the tds contain links to 
other options (some of which are also available via clicking on the tr, 
some of which aren't).

>I don't understand, especially since I don't see where is the row
>highlighting code in your exemple.. onmouseover (where should be the
>highlight code) has only a mere "this.style.cursor="

sorry, as explained in the original email, the highlight is done via the 
css. i didn't think it was relevant to the problem to include it. the issue 
is with the priority some browsers give to the tr link over the td links.

>You may need to get a working sample on the web first and then adapt it
>to your page.

unfortunately this is legacy code originally part of oscommerce (generally 
solid open source shopping solution). so it works, but this aspect is not 
cross-browser compatible (and therefore creating headaches for my mac-based 

thanks for your help!


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