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> ... For example, I have /var/www/website1.com and
> /var/www/website2.com.
> Is it possible to configure Apache so that it translates absolute links
> to the respective document root?

If I understand what your asking, you want to have multiple "domains", each
with their own document root, all running on a local machine.

If that's the case, easy enough

Now, I'm getting the impression that your setup is on Linux.

If so, maybe some here can tell you how to setup your HOSTS file so you can
insert "dummy domains".

I work locally on a windows box. I've replicated my "work" Linux box locally
so I can do what I need without having to muck with the box at the office
when I'm home.

I created duplicate domain names locally, except I added "test." as a prefix
to each domain. That way I can access the actually domains...
www.mydomain.com when I need to, and access the local copies...
test.mydomain.com as I work on them.

I then took the conf files from my office apache server, copied them
locally, modified the domain name (test.mydomain.com), set copies of the
document root files and directory structure locally, restarted my server and
all was right with the world.

Hope this helps.

I have a complete installation and setup guide (for windows) on my web


It outlines how I did this, with Apache, Perl, PHP (w/ PEAR) and mySQL. I
really need to add the mod_perl and SSL setup to complete this guide.

Anyway, drop me a line if this does not make any sense.

Good luck.


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