[thelist] tip: web based email to combat spam, for dialup users

Aaron Wormus aaron at wormus.com
Tue Jan 27 09:37:55 CST 2004

I use a program called POP3Viewer, that allows me to connect to my 
mailbox and download just the headers and then delete straight from the 
server. It is a FANTASTIC and simple program, which I also use to 
diagnose problems with clients email.

Unfortunatly this wonderful program has disappeared from the internet, 
and googling turns up nothing. The copyright on the program points to 
developers.com.ua, but that site is in Russian and doesn't look like it 
would have it anywhere.


Dunstan Orchard wrote:

> <tip type="spam">
> If you're on a dial-up connection it might be worth getting a 
> web-based email interface for those occasions when you get hit by a 
> spam attack (I got over 1000 in one burst last night and am now 
> receiving just over 2 spam emails a minute).
> It means you can see and kill spam having only downloaded the titles 
> of the posts in your browser, rather than the entire thing to your 
> email client.
> Open WebMail is one such solution:
> http://openwebmail.org/openwebmail/
> </tip>
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