[thelist] IIS ASP Woes

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Tue Jan 27 10:04:10 CST 2004

I installed IIS 5.0 on my Win 2K box for testing purposes. It seems to
basically be working--HTML pages work fine, including absolute references to
include files. PHP and Perl scripts run fine as well.

ASP, however, does NOT appear to run. I get an HTTP 500 - Internal server
error for ASP pages.

IIS appears to be configured correctly for ASP. I did not change it from the
default. The DLL to which it points is in place. The permissions for the DLL
and it's directory appear to be OK. I tried changing the default site from
anonymouse access to Windows credentials access because I certainly have
rights to that DLL file. No change, still HTTP 500.

I do have Norton AV running, but I do not see any option in it to enable or
disable script blocking, so don't think that's the problem.

Anyone have any ideas?


PS: I despise Micro$oft. :)

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