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Thibaut Allender mailing at capsule.org
Tue Jan 27 10:08:00 CST 2004

on 27/01/2004 16:05, Scott Brady wrote :

> Or, do you suggest she revert back to the days of 1996 and the "Best
> Viewed by" annoyances?

"best viewed by compliant browsers" is suitable in that case

> (Visitors shouldn't have been using Netscape 4.x for 4+ years,
> either, but they did)

they do what they want, but i think if you have more and more problems
on sites using one browser, maybe you should react and ask yourself
"well, maybe it's time to upgrade ?"

sometimes i suggest to put help about everything on sites... and client
says "visitors are not dumb"... so why don't they realize their browsers
is outdated ?!?!!

it's a vicious circle... we can talk about this for ages
my philosophy is : educate people, adapt site so that it's accessible,
but don't correct every old browser bug... let them die slowly, don't
encourage the use of dinosaurs...

following your statement, we would also need to make netscape 4
compatible sites, because, yes, some people still use it!

> Yes, developers should test sites in recent versions of Mozilla, but
> shouldn't assume that everyone will be using the most recent version
> (or that they won't be on Netscape 6 or 7, for that matter).

btw, visiting your site with netscape 4 is funny, there's a strange
redirection making browser loop on the first page (nice to put some
servers down ;)


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