[thelist] google ad words - listings effect?

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Tue Jan 27 12:54:54 CST 2004

Hi All

A site has disappeared from the face of google :(

We were on the 1st page so now we have taken a Ad Words but a concern has dawned
on me, is this going to effect later rankings?

If an ad word is taken out with google where in there directory do you get
listed other than the ad word section?  Or do they not display your site because
you are the ad word section?

I remember there was a thread on this new algorithim that moves non interesting
'commercial' sites down in preference for interesting 'academic' sites moving
up, and remember there was a link to a threory that google does this 'possibly'
intentionally so that the commercial guys pay!  Is there any further news on


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