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I use invented names.  Because my initials are ow my sites are:
... etc

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One: Set up virtual hosting, then add a line as follows:	testing.customer1.com testing.customer2.com
(where is your IP address assuming you're not behind a NAT 
gateway) to the hosts file of each machine you want to be able to view the 
test site from. (hosts is /etc/hosts on Linux, BSD, etc, and on windows you 
can search for it (include system folders and hidden files). I think it's 
somewhere like 
Open it in Notepad.

Two: Set up virtual hosting, and get a bunch of vanity domains from
like ods.org or hn.org.

<tip type="CodeRed">
Virtual hosts are also handy if you set up per host logging and make the 
default site (which only shows up if someone types your IP address into the 
browser) something like:


(be sure your own site is also set up as a virtual host). This way all the 
CodeRed worm messages get put in one place and your real site logs don't get



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