[thelist] IIS ASP Woes

Ken Kogler gsls at kenkogler.com
Tue Jan 27 15:50:36 CST 2004

> You are a smart guy, Ken. 

I do what I can. ;-)

> It would appear that I am lacking iuser and iwam. I understand these
> were supposed to be made automatically when I installed IIS. How
> precisely should I rectify this situation?

First, I'd check to make sure those user accounts are actually missing.
In Control Panel, go to Admnistrative Tools then 'Active Directory Users
and Computers'. In the Users folder, you *should* see both IUSR and
IWAM. If they're there, try resetting the passwords. If they're actually
gone, I'd try reinstalling IIS, but spend some quality time with your
favorite search engine first and see if there a less traumatic way to
restore those accounts.


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