[thelist] Quick quiz -- will you see the problem?

Scott wolpow scott at netalytical.com
Wed Jan 28 00:16:24 CST 2004

Perhaps the all graphic site was built by a 12 year old:)
Scott Wolpow

At 10:06 PM 1/27/04, you wrote:
>Some of you might find this distracting for a minute or two. I've put
>together a simple page with one main problem. Can you see what's wrong?
>(Of course, I can probably expect comments about other problems than the
>one I had in mind. For example, the liquid design proponents might have
>something to say.)
>Actually it relates to something that was recently discussed on thelist.
>You can access it from:
>If you think I've missed or misstated something, please let me know.
>::. clive
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