[thelist] PHP and exisitng 404 email alert script

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 01:10:12 CST 2004

Could anyone who would be happy to update an existing (tiny)
PHP script that emails me when the page is loaded, to
include an IP loookup output...

pl. email me off list, this was a thread a while ago on here
but I lost contact with those involved



<tip author="john C Bullas" subject="images in custom 404 pages: tip for 
newbies - from a newbie">
#1 Excuse the "simple language"....

if you set up a custom 404 page you may find the images therein do not 
try using ABSOLUTE rather than RELATIVE addresses, the 404 page may be
"virtually" opening relative to where the missing page would have been not 
where the
code for the 404 page is

eg. if your 404 page is located in mydomain.com/404/
and displays  mydomain.com/images/404image.gif

and a call to a bad link is for


but typed in wrongly as


the call for ..images/404image.gif from the 404

may try to load


so use the absolute reference



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