[thelist] onclick in table row

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Wed Jan 28 03:48:40 CST 2004

> >> the client doesn't want to lose the row highlighting but i'm
>beginning to
> >> think that there's no cross-browser compatible way to do this.
>Not QUITE what you're after--- but have a go at this that I just whipped
>up, mostly stealing code from invision board's forum software:

thanks brian.

i'll give it a go and see what i can manage.

that invision board is quite good (part of this contract is to merge 
invision and oscommerce's back end so that there's a single user 
entry/management system). so reusing some of invision's code to solve this 
issue seems quite appropriate!

many thanks

kris burford
midtempo ltd

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