[thelist] Re: Old Browsers

Sarah Sweeney poohbear at designshift.com
Wed Jan 28 10:32:49 CST 2004

> Even when a user is responsible 
> for their own browser, who are you to tell them what browser they should or 
> should not use? I don't mean this in a confrontational way, but seriously - 
> you're going to refuse money from someone on the grounds that you disagree 
> with their choice of browser?

(I refer to Netscape 4 specifically, but I'm really referring to all 
such outdated browsers.)

I think the question a lot of developers/firms need to ask themselves 
it, given the small percentage of users using NN4, does the amount of 
money you might make from them as customers make it worth spending extra 
money to develop and maintain a site that will work perfectly in NN4? 
Also, are the people using NN4 as likely to do online shopping (or 
whatever activity would mean them paying you or your clients money)?

I'm all for making sites *work* in NN4, but I think it's more trouble 
(i.e. time, money, and frustration) than it's worth to make them look as 
nice as they do in newer browsers.


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