[thelist] Re: Old Browsers

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Wed Jan 28 10:39:39 CST 2004


> (I refer to Netscape 4 specifically, but I'm really referring to all 
> such outdated browsers.)
> I think the question a lot of developers/firms need to ask 
> themselves it, given the small percentage of users using NN4, does 
> the amount of money you might make from them as customers make it 
> worth spending extra money to develop and maintain a site that will 
> work perfectly in NN4? Also, are the people using NN4 as likely to 
> do online shopping (or whatever activity would mean them paying you 
> or your clients money)?
> I'm all for making sites *work* in NN4, but I think it's more trouble 
> (i.e. time, money, and frustration) than it's worth to make them 
> look as nice as they do in newer browsers.

Two words - graceful degradation ;)


Chris Marsh

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