[thelist] Page check - Mac users, please

Kath kath at cyber-kat.com
Wed Jan 28 12:52:16 CST 2004


I'm working on a site for an artist, who uses a Mac - OSX 10.2.6  She says 
that on this page - http://www.symmetricalproductions.com/test/contact.html 
- the side links and the vertical logo are covering the form and she can't 
use the form.  Both the code and the style sheets validate, so I'm at a 
loss where to go from here to get it to work.  It works on a PC in both 
Mozilla and IE 5.5 and I've had several PC users test it.

I think she has tried accessing it in both IE 5.2.2. and Safari.

She said that this page 
-  http://www.symmetricalproductions.com/test/about.html
does the same thing, but other pages are fine.


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