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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Wed Jan 28 13:38:14 CST 2004

From: "Tab Alleman" <Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 2:26 PM

> Which makes perfect sense; I just don't remember that being part of the
> original poster's request.  Her 3-query solution wouldn't have produced
> one row with both names from table_two, it would have produced a
> separate row for each name...wouldn't it?

> -----------------
> $sql_one = "select id_one, id_two, some_other_stuff from table_one where
> x";
> query
> fetch_rows
> $sql_two = "select name from table_two where id = id_one";
> $sql_three = "select name from table_two where id = id_two";
> -----------------

Her solution was the brute force way to collect the information into a
liquidable format.  Altogether I presented two queries to elegantly collect
the information in one request.  The first query I suggested put the
information into separate rows, and the second query (to which you
responded) was created after a request by her to put the related data in one

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