Old Browsers and security - Was Re: [thelist] Site review please

Dave Holloway daveholloway at spamcop.net
Wed Jan 28 17:30:01 CST 2004

Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> OK, let's just say that if I had to bet on where the next browser
> vulnerability shows up, and the choices are NS4.8 and IE6, well...
Very true. The next vulnerability *may* show up in IE6.. but people who 
actively update their browsers will get the latest bugfixes which will 
remove these bugs.(especially if you have windows xp - which does it 
automatically). If you never upgrade your browser.. all known 
vulnerabilities will still be there.

You can argue until you're blue in the face about it. But its obvious 
that newer versions of browsers will have improved on the known flaws in 
previous versions.

It is in peoples' interest to upgrade their browsers.

Little Dave

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